Sculpting Slenderman

This was my very first sculpture I created around December 2016. I used Amaco, a waterbased clay. It did get messy but this was a good clay to learn from. Unfortunately these air dry clay's sometimes crack after it dry's out. This was only a practice sculpt and cost only $10 bucks so the cracks were no big deal.

I started looking into other clay's. I did some research and ended up ordering some Medium Base Monster Clay on Amazon. I wanted a reusable clay that I could use to create molds and Monster clay worked perfect for me. I used a spare crockpot to melt the clay down at the lowest temperature then once it softened, the clay was very easy to shape with my hands. Once I had most of the form done then I started using tools to carve some detail. The 3 dotter tools and my hand made loop tool were the most useful for me.

After the sculpture was finished, I used a silicone liquid rubber called OOMOO 30 to create a 2 piece mold.This was another new experience for me but there was plenty of good information out there to help me get started. The cure time for this mold was 6 hours so this project took me a couple days to finish.

With the mold completed, the next thing to do was reproduce the original clay sculpture with a liquid plastic cast resin. Smooth Cast Onyx fast has a very fast pot life of 2.5 minutes so you have to work fast. It's probably not the best cast to use when it's your first time. I ended up using Smooth cast 300 afterwards for most of my projects with a better experience. More information about these cast and mold products are available on there website at

The hands were sculpted seperate then molded and cast with the same process as the body. Then they were then attached with Quick-Cure 5 minute epoxy to the body.

After everything was in one piece, it was ready for paint. The paint job was pretty simple since the cast was already a matte black. I used white acrylic paint for the head and collar, then used a acrylic sealer (Aleene's) to protect the paint.

The project was suppose to be finished but I felt it could have came out better. I was not happy with the lumps and seamlines so I went back to work on it with a Dremel 7700. After grinding and sanding I started the mold process again. This time instead of a Tin-cure mold, I went with a stronger more durable Platinum-cure mold called Mold Star 20T.

After grinding , sanding, then remolding the body, I repeated the same process with the hands. The results was a sharper and smoother looking Slenderman sculpture.

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    Kinder (Wednesday, 28 March 2018 20:35)

    Video was very entertaining,went perfect with music. Sculpture was done beautifully.

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    Pizza (Friday, 27 April 2018 22:18)

    This is the best sculpture ever!It looks so perfect!!�

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    Rissa (Monday, 18 June 2018 14:18)

    Super fun, quality made, hand crafted products! Defiantly recommend!!